A compound word of derma and individuals. It means, the product can optimally response to individual’s skin

Dr. Hans Lautenschlager
He is the founder and also the representative of KOKO Gmbh Co.&KG in German

Based on the theory of skin barrier
As a specialized brand in medical skin care
The product worldwide

Derma Membrane Structure

It is an epoch-making substance produced by patented technology, it restores skin and
recovers skin homeostasis by an active ingredient which is similar to skin lipids.


The particle capsules with spherical bodies
It consists of bilayer that delivers water-soluble active agents into the skin


The monolayer nanoparticle capsules
It delivers liposoluble active agents into the skin

High-tech Delivery System

High-tech techniques such as nanoparticle, liposome, etc. it has applied to improve dermal penetration effect.

Baukasten system

1:1 customized cosmetic that cares various skin problem for individual skin type.